Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guild Wars 2 Characters

It's sad that this game isn't even out yet, and I'm making characters already in my head...

Top: Rahvin Studore - a thief class. A decedent of a sun spear soldier,  the God she worships is the Goddess Kormir, Goddess of Truth and Knowledge. Rahvin, being the adventurous sort of girl, tends to dream big - and being on the farm was hardly something in her interests. She only chose the natural way she wanted to do things - steal to get rich quick. Her social nature became quite the gift in Divinity's Reach, and her network of friends is large, ranging from everywhere except the palace. One of her biggest dreams is to do something largely illegal, though she hasn't thought of the thing she'd like to do yet. She claims she wants it to be something would never forget.

Middle: Sidath Blueblood - A guardian. Legion: (Pending). Sidath showed an unusual devotion to the protection of her war band at a fairly young age, ensuring survival for her clan. Her powers do not rely on brute strength, but her cunning as Charr. The members of her warband respect her, but doubt she will ever move forward into a better position. She's rather quite for a Charr, thinking inwardly faster than she can speak.

Lower: Thomas Grottos: An Earth Atoned Elementalist. Season he was born: Summer. As curious as most of his Sylvari Kin, Thomas - as he prefers to be called, liking human names - finds that he gets what he wants when being snarky and brash. He tends to avoid manners, finding them confining and unlike him to abide them. His fiery attitude has gotten him into much trouble with many merchants, and tends to think of himself as a rebel, but a rather bad one. He is also rather lazy, and tends to doze off in the sun too much.

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  1. If you love dark arts, the Necromancer is a great character for you. It relies on its powers in the shadow attacks, and life drains. It absorbs the life force of its enemies. It has a special weapon called "Death Shroud."

    Guild Wars 2