Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slowly moving along

Man... I hope I never have a month long episode like I've been having again. Not feeling like drawing or painting is the worst feeling in the world.

Just some re-dos of older portraits to see where I've gotten. It's surprising and encouraging :)

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  1. I am so impressed with you and your fortitude. I've seen loved ones suffering from thyroid and/or cystic ovary problems, less severe than yours, and been rendered completely immobile by it! And you, despite being so miserable, find the will to keep drawing and keep doing. Even though by all rights you shouldn't have to.

    I've been having this beautiful mental image, at first I thought I'd draw it, but instead I'll just describe it to you. I see you, from sort of a back side angle so we only see your hair and ear and the curve of your cheek, but despite not seeing your face, your physical and emotional exhaustion are clear. And facing you, with his hands cupping your face, the Savior is looking into your eyes with an expression that shows his complete love and complete understanding of your pain, like he feels it with you. The title was going to be "I Know."

    I love you, Lindsey. The Lord is with you. <3